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今週のコーヒー Ethiopia Sidamo

Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Whole Bean

Rich with history and tradition, redolent with astounding flavors and aromas.

In Sidamo, Ethiopia, 80-year-old coffee farmer Alemu Amito hums a melody while tending to the coffee trees in his garden. His family’s food crops grow all around, supported by the relationship between the soil, the coffee trees and Alemu’s careful attention.
He moves meticulously, handling his crop tree by tree, cherry by cherry, allowing the cherries to bloom and ripen at their peak. The songs he sings, passed down through generations of coffee cultivators, express gratitude for the traditional farming techniques cultivated and treasured by his ancestors.
It’s from Alemu and his friends at the Homacho Waeno Cooperative that we collect the beans for Organic Ethiopia Sidamo. Such hands-on farming results in astounding complexities of flavor and aroma. These beans present elegant notes of spicy gingerbread, graham cracker and sweet Meyer lemon acidity. It’s a select and rare crop full of cherished history and knowledge, and the coffee it brews is nothing short of riveting.
  • Producer: Homacho Waeno Cooperative
  • Elevation: 6,800 feet (2,000 meters)
  • Processing Method: Washed
  • Tasting Notes: Spicy gingerbread and graham cracker notes with sweet, Meyer lemon acidity
  • Pairing Flavors: Spicy gingerbread and graham cracker