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Bounce keeps Mosquitoes away!

蚊をBounce!? Fabric Softnerの新しい効用

BounceなどのFabric Softnerの香りが蚊を寄せ付けない効果があるという研究結果が発表された。

カンサス州立大学のRaymond Cloyd教授らの研究によると、洗濯物を乾燥機に入れる際に使う柔軟剤に思わぬ防虫効果ある言う。


via Lifehacker

Kansas State University Entomology Professor Raymond Cloyd and his colleagues wrote that Bounce original brand dryer sheets kept a certain kind of particularly destructive gnats away from a dish of food they'd normally chow down on. It might have something to do with the linalool present in the sheets, but there's also beta-citronellol in those sheets, which sounds derived from the same chemical base as those ever-present citronella candles